Programe pentru părinți

SoulKids și SoulCentre sunt două mărci ale excelenței care oferă programe pentru copii și pentru adulți.

Aici sunt câteva programe de care pot beneficia părinții (toate programele oferite de Sally și Vikas sunt in engleză):

Many people think Meditation is difficult and that you have to sit cross legged and have no thoughts at all to be successful at it.

This is not the truth. This course dispels the myths and teaches meditation in an easy to understand manner with techniques you can use anywhere and at any time.

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Do you want to remove the struggle from your life?

Do you want to produce better results in your life, relationships and work?

Do you want to create maximum results with minimum effort?

If your answer is YES, The Karma Masterclass is the course for you.

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Passion and Purpose with Sally
3 months duration.
6 Zoom group calls.
Sally will guide you towards your Passion and Purpose using your Elemental analysis as a starting point.
Discover if you are Fire – Earth – Metal – Water or Wood.
Discover what roles suit you best.
Discover if you should do your own business or be self employed.
Discover what relationships suit you best…
And so much more.

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